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  1. Hi I have a, small summer shop Green Toad in Wanaka New Zealand. I am looking for fits all beach dress long and short, pants, wrap skirts, tank tops , tie dye clothing harem style pant, bohemian clothing. Ankles. Toe rings . Bracelets best, wholesale
    I am making some sample orders with Thailand . I am always looking for new products for my shop .I am wanting to expand with global products and hope to visit Indonesia sometime in the near future . And looking fora reliable source.
    Regards Amanda

  2. Looking for a factory to create a brand with personalised labels

  3. Hi Domenique,

    Yes we can help. You can make your own design or you can buy stocks as well and put your own label.
    Please send me detail info to (design, dimensions, quantity etc)

  4. Hello
    Im looking TO find a manufactur , only for yoga clothes
    Some one the y have materials etc etc

    Do you know some In bali? Can you recomende please?
    Thanks In advance

  5. Hi Amanda,

    Can you please send sample photo to ? Thank you

  6. Hi Margarita,
    We recomend you take our Sourcing Tour Service. More info here :

  7. Hi Domenique,
    Please send email detail to

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