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Looking for a Bali Exports provider? Bought a lot of Bali products and not sure how to export them from Bali? Need help to stuff your container to package your products safely and reduce breakage? We provide a complete one-stop Exports, In-House Quality Control & Shipping service for overseas buyers interested in exporting products from Bali.

Exports & Quality Control

We will make sure when you open your container your Bali products arrive, as per your specifications, and in one piece. And even better than that, we will make sure you get your container!

See “How It All Works” Below:

Our quality control service

Exports & Quality Control

Once we have an agreed master sample, the next step is to manufacture it to quality standards. Manufacturing products in Bali could not be easier when you use the In-House QC services of Bali Products.

We provide the following In-House QC final production run services:

  • Production planning & schedule meetings with the vendor
  • Development of Production Control Records
  • Review of PCR and production teams compliance
  • Development of Bill of Material
  • Development of final PCR and BOM for production runs
  • Inspection of all raw and finished material components
  • Regular QC review of each item
  • QC inspection of product consistency
  • QC inspection of color, shade and structural integrity
  • QC inspection of workmanship, pre and post finishing
  • Review of finished products
  • Status and production progress reports sent weekly

Our packaging service

Exports & Quality Control

Now that your product numbers, quantity, and quality are correct, the last thing you need is to open the container and find your goods are damaged. The key to having your products arrive undamaged at your door is careful packing of both individual items, and of the container. We supervise the packing of your items and the container, from the first piece to the last. When you use our Bali Exports Service we make sure that your products are properly packed and placed in the container to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

Our shipping service

No one wants a problem with cargo and shipping delays or shipping documentation. We co-ordinate with our shipping company, or yours, to insure that your container or cargo is handled correctly, and is loaded on the ship as scheduled. We also make sure all Bali shipping, cargo and export documentation is in order and filled out correctly, to avoid any possible export delays on shipment, or import delays on arrival.

To find out more details about specific cargo instructions from Bali and Indonesia, please take a look at our Cargo Indonesia, and Bali Cargo pages.

Our export services

Exporting products from Bali could not be easier when you use the professional services of Bali Products.

As part of our Bali Exports Service, we provide the following overseas cargo, shipping & export services from Bali:

  • Selection and inspection of the packaging material components.
  • Supervision of individual item wrapping and packing.
  • Review stowage procedure and plan any necessary co-loading with the shipper.
  • Supervision of stuffing of the items into your container.
  • Review most cost-effective method of moving your products.
  • Review all available freight options with you from Bali and provide you with the best available recommendations.
  • Review and plan out all logistical matters concerning your consolidations.
  • Review loading report with shipper and forwarder to assure that the Bill of Lading and Commercial Invoice are accurate.
  • Review all shipping details and paperwork to make sure everything is ok.
  • Review all procedures concerning the forwarding of documentation is done in a timely manner.
  • Communicate with you in regard to the status of your shipment.

For more details about exporting from Indonesia, please take a look at our Indonesia Export page.

Our Bali exports & quality control service fee

For more information about export & quality control service fees, please refer to our Service Fees page

We will send you a signed billing sheet specifying the date, the activity and the amount of time we spent carrying out packaging, shipping/cargo, and export work on your behalf.

Shipping Fee: This fee amount is not inclusive of the shippers and freight fees, which are additional, and paid to the shipper.

How to hire us

You can contact Bali Products for a competitive quote in regard to our Bali Exports, Quality Control & Cargo Services by calling or contacting us through our contact form.

The process of quality control, export and shipping from Bali could not be easier. We look forward to partnering with you to check and export your products and cargo from Bali in the safest and most cost efficient manner.

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