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  1. Hi there,
    I’m interested in getting some authentic Indonesian clothing for young children (under 5 years) sent to New Zealand. Do you have any information?


  2. Hi

    I have a design for a children’s dress with each size 1-8years.
    I would need fabric choices ad well as my label / care instructions sewn into it. Initially a small run of 50 – 100
    Are you able to do small run custom designs?

    Kind regards

  3. Please delete that comment

  4. Hi Emma, we have received your message. Would you like to send us some more detail info about material / design you prefer, so we can find good info for you ?

  5. Hi there,

    I am in the process of starting a Girls boutique in NZ.

    I am after softer summer materials such as cotton, linen etc and would be interested to hear about the costs of creating styles for me?

    I am aiming for a chic, vintage easy wear for baby’s New born up until 2yrs old.

    Are you able to give me quotes or point me in the right direction?

    Thanks so much in advance 🙂

  6. Hi Mahana, glad to know that. Would you like please to send us more detail info (photos / material / quantity etc) to email ? Thank you

  7. Hello!

    I just visited you page and i loved the things you have, they will be perfect for my store. I will be opening a kids store in Miami, Fl. I would love to have your full catalogue of products so i can fully see models, colors, prices, etc. I could also travel directly to your factory so see better the colors and material or design my owns if is possible. Tell me a little more about the process and quantities.

    If you could please contact me or call me.

    Michelle Campos
    +1 786 461 7915

  8. Hi Michelle, thank you for visiting our site.

    The catalog is all published in this site, we don’t have another format yet to send to clients / user. We collect items from our selected vendors around the island. Therefore we provide service Wholesale Sourcing Tour. See more info here :

  9. Hi Michelle,

    Thank for visiting our site.
    Our producg catalog is published in this site. We don’t have other format yet to send via email. We will consider to make that in future. Meanwhile, if you come to Bali we provide service ‘Wholesale SOurcing Tour’. See more info here :

    Instead, we have Whatsapp number for quick communication. YOu can add our whatsapp number : +62 811 398 7887 (see top section of this site). Also we can intensifely communicate by email

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