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  1. I’m looking for a contract jewellery manufacturer to assist me with the design and manufacture of crowns. Before I provide our design sketch, please confirm that you can manufacture crowns ( for a bride – on head).

  2. Hi Mark,

    There are many jewelry manufacturers in Gianyar Village, but we have some recommendations base on our experience.

    We suggest you take / book our Wholesale Sourcing Tour.

    Thank you

  3. Hi,
    Im a jewelry smith in Stockholm behind a brand called Carolinne B. im making everything by myself but cant keep up anymore and looking for some help (and know that Bali has one of the best skilled craftmen) everything is in 925 silver and 18k gold but looking for someone that Can make gold plated pieces aswell

  4. Hello,
    I was hoping you could help me.
    My business is expanding and In the near
    Future I won’t be able to create all the handmade bracelets myself so I wanted to outsource this.
    My Jewelry doesn’t require any silver smithing, I will provide all the stones and Jewelry blanks and all I need someone to do is stick the large stone and then add crushed stone and seal it with a gloss.
    Is that something someone would be able to do that you could find?
    Thank you for your time

  5. Hi,
    we are the jewelry wholesale,Owe to we are lack of raw materials of some jewelry
    which is our new latest desigin and the volume of orders has increased dramatically. can you offer for us after cooperate? htttp://www.nihaojewelry.

  6. Dear Sunny: Thank you for contacting us. Please use our contact form or email our for information.
    Best regards,
    Bali Products Team

  7. Hi
    I am looking for a maker in bali who can make bags and neckpieces from macrame, shells and feathers. I have a supplier who made my order but still hasnt delivered I have samples and just need this made

  8. Dear Krystel: Thanks for contacting us. Please kindly email for further info.

    Best regards,
    Bali Products Team

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