Bali Products provides overseas customers with an easy process for ordering, purchasing & receiving their products.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Business relationships, like all relationships, are built on trust.When you provide us with your custom designs and made to order products, you expect us to protect these designs and stop them being copied by others. Equally, if we introduce you to suppliers, we expect you to honor the introduction, and not contact the manufacturer directly, in order to cut us out of the business. We maintain clear Non-Disclosure Agreements with all our manufacturers, so when you and we work with them, your designs are protected from copying. We take this matter seriously – it is about protecting business and rights. We are happy to enter into an NDA with a buyer, using either our own NDA, or yours.

Payment Terms

When buying products from us or using our services the following payment terms apply:

Wholesale Sourcing Tour Terms: Full payment is via cash at the end of the tour, in USD$, or in Rupiah, at the exchange rate on the day of the tour.
Wholesale Product Pre-Order Terms: Full payment for all pre-order work, and samples, is required prior to shipping of final samples. Samples will be shipped only after funds have been received into the Bali Products Account.
Final Production Orders: A 50% deposit of the total value of an order is required in advance of all production orders. Production of an order will only begin once the payment have been received into the Bali Products Account.The final 50% balance payment is required prior to the completion of the order. Quality Control Inspection, Collection, and Shipping of an order will only begin once the final payment have been received into the Bali Products Account.
Project Management Service Fees: Payments are based on milestone achievement, or on a monthly basis, as per individual project contract terms in regard to payment schedules.
Full Account Management Service Fees: Payment is on a monthly basis.

You can find out more information on the actual fee amounts charged by reading our Service Fees page.

How To Pay

You can choose to pay for your order in one of three ways: by credit card, by bank transfer, or by western union:

1. Payment by Credit Card: Payment by Credit Card can be done directly online by using our secure payment server. We utilize the services of a secure payment provider and gateway system to safeguard online payments. We accept all major credit cards. Payment by Credit Card can be done in United States Dollars (USD) or in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) only. We will advise you once we have received payment in our account,and send you a receipt.

2. Payment by Bank Transfer: Payment by Telegraphic (or bank) Transfer of funds is simple and easy. You transfer funds directly from your bank account into ours. We will supply you with our bank details upon request. Payments by bank transfer can be made in United States Dollars (USD) or in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) only.We will advise you once we have received payment in our account,and send you a receipt.

3. Payment by Western Union: Payment by Telegraphic (or bank) Transfer of funds is simple and easy. You transfer funds directly from a Western Union Office close to you, and we will collect it from a Western Union Office close to us to in Bali. We will supply you withdetails of our staff who will collect the payment, and you send us the transfer number. Payments by Western Union can be made in United States Dollars (USD) or in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) only.We will advise you once we have received payment in our account, and send you a receipt.

Production Time

When can you expect to get your order? Unless your product is in stock with our vendors, then your products will need to be made to order. The lead-time for production of your order varies according to the size of your order and the quantities of each item. However on average it takes about 4 to 8 weeks to order, produce, inspect and pack a 20-foot container, and about 8 to 10 weeks for a 40-foot. Less than a Container Load (LCL) and air orders are normally less than 3 to 6 weeks.We will let you know the production and delivery time of your order after we have received your inquiry or order.

How We Process & Pack Your Order

We will keep in touch with you from the time we receive your order, to after you receive your products.

While processing and supervising the production, manufacture, and packing of your products, the following conditions apply:

1. Changes to the number of items you order: Once we have received your deposit and begun production of your order, we cannot cancel items, though we can add additional items to the order sheet;

2. Refund of deposit: Once we have received your deposit, and production of your order has begun, we cannot refund your deposit;

3. Packing of your products: We carefully supervise the packing of your products with the shipper. Special boxing, crating, private label boxes etc incur an additional charge. The shipper will individually wrap larger items and furniture in foam sheeting and corrugated single face packing for extra protection.

How We Ship To You

We are able to ship your products to you by air, sea, or courier. The best & most economical shipment method is dependent on the quantity and weight of the items you order (as this determines the total cubic meter space and total volume that the order will occupy), as well as the value of the items. We calculate this for you, and send this information to you.

We ship your order in one of three ways:

1. Shipping by Sea: Products are shipped by sea via steel 20 ft., 40ft., or 40 ft. high cube containers:
a. Full Container Load (FCL): This is the most common method of cargo shipping and is the most economical. Buyers order products that will completely fill a container. You pay a fixed price for the container. The advantage to using this method is product protection and safety, and allowing the most economical use of space.
b. Less Container Load (LCL): This service is suitable for those shipments where your order does not fill a full container. Shipments are individually crated and consolidated with other orders to the same destination. The container is sent only when there are enough orders to fill it. LCL container costs are calculated by cubic meters of space. LCL loads are appropriate for smaller shipments, samples, and gifts.

2. Air Freight: If your product order has a high value, and is of a small size and lightweight, and you need it fast, than airfreight is suitable. However, it is also the most expensive shipment method. Buyers pay by the kilo, or by the volume, whichever is the heavier. Ideal for samples however.

3. Courier: If the shipment is small and/or needed urgently, than you can use the services of an express courier, such as DHL, UPS, TNT or FEDEX.
We always price the options for you.

Shipment Insurance

Insurance of your order is recommended, and can be provided as a % of the total value of your order by our shipping company to protect your goods while in transit. Otherwise, contact your own personal or company insurance broker and request short-term coverage for the value of your order and the duration of the shipment. We will help you with the details.

Product Warranty

We fully guarantee the products we send you. Why? We carried out full QC and inspection, so when we ship, we are saying that the products were ok when we inspected them. If there is any problem with your products we will issue a full refund. We will do this only however if:

1. The damage is not due to shipping and export handling.

2. Issues and returns are reported within 1 week of receipt, with a written report explaining the problem, accompanied by photographs. We will not accept damage or problem reports beyond this time frame.

3. You accept that because our products are handmade, product sizes and colors will vary slightly from each other.

Once we have received your damage/issue report, will then work with you to re-make the products, accept a return, set the amount off against the next order, or pay you the money back directly – which ever option works out best for you.

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