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Need help with sourcing solutions, from an experienced wholesale product sourcing agent? Looking to purchase quality products in Bali and Indonesia? Not sure where to begin? Stop Looking. We provide a complete sourcing & buying agency service for overseas buyers interested in finding and buying wholesale finished products at wholesale prices in Bali.

Outsourcing manufacturing has become an essential part of most global businesses. In order to compete in the current market, it is necessary to find low cost wholesale products that can be resold at retail. Many businesses are turning to South East Asia to find these products.

It is possible to come to Asia by yourself to source the products you need. However, this can be very time consuming, and frustrating if you do not know the area. It is therefore best to use an agent to help provide sourcing solutions.

Bali Products is a professional sourcing company, that provides overseas buyers seeking to find and purchase quality products with a complete one-stop wholesale product sourcing & buying agency service.

As a sourcing agent for wholesale products, we will seek out and find quality manufacturers and wholesale products to meet your product specifications.

As a buying agent, we are able to purchase on your behalf any products to ensure the best wholesale prices, terms and conditions. Our aim is to make finding and buying products in Bali and Indonesia as problem free as possible.

You can see the complete range of all of the different types of Wholesale Products we sell directly online – Wholesale Fashion, Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Jewelry, Wholesale Home Decor, Wholesale Handicraft and Wholesale Furniture etc, and ourWholesale Buyers Private Label Services etc and much more by clicking on any of our catalogs in All Our Catalogs link.
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We are here to provide all the sourcing solutions for you. All you need to do is let us know what types of  products you are looking for. You can take a look at our own extensive wholesale online product catalogs to see what is available, and order and pay direxctly online. Or you can send us an email, or fill in the contact form on this website.  Alternatively, If you are interested in coming to Bali, we can arrange a sourcing and buying trip while you are here.

A buying trip can include visits to factories and manufacturers on the island. We will explain everything that you need to know about buying wholesale products. For a brief overview of this information, please take a look at our Buying Wholesale Products page.

Should you choose not to come to Bali or Indonesia, we can act as your local sourcing products agent to negotiate and purchase wholesale products from these suppliers, on your behalf. For more information about the sourcing process, please take a look at our Sourcing Process page.

To find out more about all of the wholesale sourcing solutions and services we offer wholesale buyers looking for wholesale products, please take a look at our Wholesale Sourcing & Buying Services page.
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There are many agents on Bali offering various sourcing solutions for people looking for wholesale products. When deciding which agent to use, you will need to do some research and find one that offers professional services. Some agents are more experienced than others. To learn more about what to look for when selecting a sourcing agent, please take a look at our Sourcing Specialist page.

In general, a sourcing agent will be able to find reliable manufacturers to make your products. They should also manage all aspects of the production on your behalf. Many also will help you create your own personalized and custom made designer products.

To learn more about how to choose from the various agents and suppliers on the island, you can take a look at our Sourcing Company, Sourcing Agents,  Sourcing Suppliers and Overseas Sourcing Agent pages.

The final and most important role of an agent offering sourcing solutions is a Quality Control service once your goods are ready to be shipped. They should oversee packaging and inform you of the tracking code once the products have been shipped.

To find out more about the in-house quality control and export services Bali Products itself offers as part of our wholesale sourcing solutions services, please take a look at our Bali Exports and Quality Control Services page.
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We are based in Bali, and have been for many years. While we have been here, we have built up great working relationships with many manufacturers and suppliers on the island. We have also traveled extensively throughout Indonesia as well as other countries in Asia and have discovered some great products.

To find out more about the different types of sourcing solutions that we provide in Indonesia and Asia, please take a look at our Asian Sourcing and Indonesia Sourcing pages.

Each island in Indonesia produces its own unique style of products, and other countries in Asia have their own styles too. There is a wealth of choices. Many manufacturers will also produce according to your specifications, allowing you to create your own designs.

To learn more about customizing your own products to meet your own designs and product specifications, please take a look at our Custom Made and Design Services page.
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So want to see our catalogs and see what you can buy online? Check out our extensive product range. You can browse all of the products we have for sale by browsing all of our online shopping stores catalogs by clicking here: All Our Catalogs. Or if you know exactly what you want to buy, you can go directly to any of our individual shopping stores catalogs by clicking on any of the individual online shopping catalog links below: Clothing & Accessories Catalog; Sarongs Catalog; Silver Jewelry Catalog; Jewelry (Non-Silver) Catalog; Bead Jewelry Catalog; Furniture Catalog; Home Decor & Accessories Catalog; Pictures, Paintings & Art Catalog; Handicrafts Catalog; Wood Carvings Catalog; Aromatherapy, Spa & Yoga Catalog; Corporate Promotional Catalog; Hospitality Catalog; Occasional Gifts Catalog; and our Souvenirs Catalog.

And if what you are looking to buy can’t be found in our own Online Shopping Store Catalogs, don’t worry…..we will either source it for you, design it with you, or arrange to have it made by one of our quality vendors

So find out why we are the Number 1 Online Shopping Stores Website & Sourcing Agency in Bali & Indonesia. Give us a call or send us an email. You will not be disappointed!

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